Background of Marjan Peyman Chemical Industries

Marjan Peyman Chemical Industries started its activity as a small workshop in Tehran in 1344 and is known as the first producer of pipe paste in Iran under the name “Abazar Pipe Paste” and also one of the first five units producing PVC glue in Iran. It was managed by the late Abazar Haq Nejad.

After twenty years of gaining experience and credibility and increasing and expanding activities, the first milestone of Marjan Peyman Chemical Industries was registered in 1364 with the transfer of the workshop outside Tehran (the beginning of Karaj Old Road). In this period, in addition to the production of the previous products, it also added the production of paint, glue and all kinds of thinners to its activities and continued to work with a higher organizational level as a medium-sized industrial unit under the name “Abazar Glue”.

After several years and the implementation of the plan to transfer industrial activities outside the cities and the establishment of the Shams Abad industrial town in the south of Tehran, the second milestone of this company was reached in the relocation of the factory. In this period, with the improvement of the factory’s activities, the formalization of an organizational department at the national level named “Marjan Peyman Chemical Industries” in 1376 and the establishment of a factory for the production of organic materials, in the field of producing some raw materials required by various industries in the field of paint, resin making, poison making, leather making, rubber making, pharmaceutical and health industries, etc. has continued its activities.

Now, after half a century of activity and acquiring useful scientific and experimental knowledge in interaction with scientific, research, management centers and authorities, some related trade and specialized organizations and considering that this industrial unit has been able to establish an integrated management system in the second half of 2014 (quality, environment, safety and occupational health) to be established and implemented at the global levels and equal to international standards. Now, Marjan Peyman Chemical Industries is reaching its third milestone in global and international dimensions to export its quality products with hope to God.


Marjan Peyman Chemical Industries, as one of the leading companies in the field of chemical production, in order to improve the quality level and more harmony of products with the environment to prevent the loss of this national capital, has carried out activities in this direction and it is hoped that we will be able to Let’s achieve this in a short time.

Also, to increase its market share, this company offers its products with the best quality in the market.

International activities are also being carried out and increased more than before by interacting with chambers of commerce.


Marjan Peyman Chemical Industries, with the benefit of expert experts and up-to-date and modern technologies, is competing every day with more capabilities in the field of chemical production in the domestic and foreign markets and has seen great progress until today. .


OHSAS 18001-2007

OHSAS 18001-2007



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ISO 14001-2015


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