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Marjan Peyman Chemical Industries

Marjan Peyman Chemical Industries Company is one of the most reliable producers of solvents and one of the major suppliers (domestic and foreign) of the chemical industry.

With its technical and production potential, this company is one of the leading exporters in the country. Marjan Peyman Chemical Industries Company is located in Tehran and the products of this company are exported to all parts of the world.

Today, Marjan Peyman company has become an influential and well-known company among the manufacturers and is one of the main players in the market of raw materials by using the expert force, technical and up-to-date knowledge and continuous optimization of the production process of its products.

In order to maintain and improve its effective and special position in domestic and regional markets, this company seeks to expand the export of its products to all parts of Iran and the world.

Top managers' opinion about Marjan Peyman

Amirreza Bayat
Amirreza Bayat
CEO of Dizonco
بیشتر بخوانید
Regarding my working experience with Marjan Peyman, I must say that it is one of the most respected, creative and best collections that I had the honor of working with in recent years. One of the best in the industry.
Ms Rezaei
Ms Rezaei
Chemical industry sales manager
بیشتر بخوانید
It was really not an easy task to find such a great company with such experienced personnel. Cooperation with Marjan Peyman has been one of my honors. Best wishes for Marjan Peyman company
Barzin Davoudi
Barzin Davoudi
CEO of Laboratory Industries
بیشتر بخوانید
The chemical industry and timely supply of these materials is one of the most difficult tasks, especially if the raw materials you need need to be imported. Marjan Peyman Chemical Industries is really the best in the market in terms of timely supply and price. Best wishes for the collection.

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